What is a zone?

Receivers that are supposed to follow the same weekly program and temperature settings, should be placed together in a ZONE in the APP. One example could be all the heaters in your living room. A ZONE is simply a group of receivers operating in the same manner.

Heaters/thermostats should not be placed in the same zone as lights or other appliances. One room can consist of several zones, and one zone can include receivers in different rooms.

All receivers in a zone should preferably have equal functionality. If a zone has both a heater connected to a simple ON/OFF receiver (e.g: RCE 700) and also another heater with an advanced receiver (e.g: NCU-2R), the simpler receiver will limit the functionality in the zone. The two heaters should each be given a separate zone, to be able to exploit the functionality of the advanced heater. 

Appliances with special patterns of use (e.g. engine heaters) should each have a separate zone. Name each zone for easy recognition.


This apartment has been divided into four ZONES, each named for easy recognition. Each receiver can only be included in one of the zones, since it can only follow one weekly program at a time.